Need some things!

May need a 50L roto setup, person I was supposed to get stuff from ideally, may have the stuff sold as part of a package unfortunately - I will change the ad and category should it not fall through for me. I’m getting ahead of things, just in case. Tell me what ya got.

So I haven’t heard back from the person I was supposed to pick things up from, but I’m picking up a 2” pope that doesnt have a chiller (dry ice only) or heaters (comes with heating bands), so I’m looking to see who has what in regards to that (ip-80 chiller, and I dunno what for heaters), could also use an e2m28 (220v ideally), or right overkill it with an e2m80 :joy:, for a proper vac pump as the one included is not at all adequate (vlp 120-115)

Aside from that I’m looking for a roto setup (50L ideally) and a reactor setup (at least 10L)
(This stuff is most important and a proper vac pump for the pope)

Should also mention, we’re paying cash for whatever we get