Need some advice on terpenes

I made my first batch of a vape pens, and need some terp advice. I’m using true terpenes. I like how they list them by hybrid, indica and saliva. I like there sample packs, but im wondering if there Is a more affordable terpene that maybe has stronger smells and better flavors. Here is my process. 100 ml of distillate then 5 ml of a true terpene. Is this the best affordable way. Do I need more terpenes then 5 ml to 100. I was tryi g to keep the distillate stronger, but if I use more tepes will I get better flavor and more effects?.

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Terpenes have no correlation to indica, sativa, or hybrid. For starters. You’re already making carts the cheapest way possible (distillate + plant terps) so you can’t really skimp out any more than you have. You should look into spending more for materials, not less.


Pretty sure Terpenes are the best way to correlate to indica, sativa, hybrid

Origin location would be a good way to classify as well, but that’s long been lost to errors in communication and documentation

Not that adding some botanical terps to disty is an accurate representation of those characteristics, however.


There’s a lot of visible flaws in that study and I’d consider it an oversimplification at best. The underlying problem is that the lines between indica and sativa are blurred at this point, to say the least.

Comparing true land races grown in their respective climates, yes, there have been some correlations between terpene compositions but it’s not so cut and dry anymore. Climate alone changes the way a plant will produce essential oils. It’s not solely predetermined by the genetic. Honestly looking at that data table I see multiple exceptions on both sides. There’s an indica, sativa, and hybrid for every different dominant terpene and they don’t even make reference to terpene chirality and somehow don’t even consider some of the more dominant terpenes that are directly correlated to cannabinoid production. Too much research still needs to be done.

This was my short answer so I’m just going to call it there


im just making sure im doing it the right way, and say, not over spending on terps, that can be gotten elsewhere. i have seen many places selling the same exact product, but have way different prices. just making sure i was not wasting is all.

Considering true terpenes isn’t truly just terpenes, I’d look into acquiring some from some of the folks here on the forum.

Nothing is just terpenes though. Even cannabis is loaded with ingredients that people think of as “flavoring” like esters, ketones, alcohols, etc.

True Terps is fine for what it is. Their new live resin thing is dumb but they at least use clean isolates and don’t spike it with a bunch of junk fillers. Been seeing a few big name brands pumping out stuff cut with actual flavoring dissolved in carrier oil so the stuff is only half terpenes, half of which are synthetic, then half carrier oil and cheap synthetic flavoring ingredients.


@stoopkid what are your thoughts on Lab Effects, Abstrax, and Mass terps?

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What you got that’s stanky danky skunky funky?


I can’t comment on the company because I have no experience.

I think that formulating a cart with distillate and terps and expecting/selling them as a true indica/sativa profile is a losing and disingenuous game. I’m not saying you are dishonest. Aside from the whole debate about whether ind/sat/hy is a valid thing anymore, it’s just at that point you’ve got a recipe that is totally removed from the original profile of a whole plant.

None of the terps I’ve ran across accurately represent cannabis strains. So, the purpose of the terps is two fold: produce a desirable flavor and dilute the distillate enough that it’ll function in your carts.

I’d encourage you to think about how much terpense you are using as a percent so you can scale it to batch size. Keep a file of your formulations, how well they function in carts, and how well people like the carts. I’d make small production runs while you dial in your process.

HIgher % terps= more flavor ( for better or worse), less viscous (functions better in some hardware), and lower percent THC.

5% like you are doing is a reasonable starting point. Go from there.

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