Need hemp flower

Hello I am looking to purchase a sample order of around 100lb of high quality hand trimmed hemp flower asap for my cbd company. Please reach out only if you are a farmer. NO brokers


what price?

What’s the ticket?


Can help707-339-5696

Have 2 strains super high quality pest free and below .3 Thc

2-300 gonna get you the schwagg buds

I have please contact me back 925-595-4664

Oregon hemp farmer. We grow for smokable hemp flower. I have 500lbs of hung dried hand trimmed flower. 11.4cbd 0.0915thc. Email me for coa and pics of the grow and product on hand. I’m ok with selling product on a weekly or monthly interval or bulk. Let me know what amounts you a interested in purchasing and prices you are looking to pay.

We are a college sun grown farm in NorCal. We have 58 pounds of beautiful hemp flowers available at $800 a pound. We also have a distribution license.


$800/lb? Is it sprinkled with :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn: college dust?

It sure is :slight_smile: our hemp biomass that isn’t trimmed is cheaper. What prices are you used to seeing in California for premium trimmed hemp? We could come down to $650 per lb.

Im seeing prices like this:

Biomass @ $0.60 PPP
Smokable @ $100/lb

$650 per lb was last seasons prices prior to harvest.

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