Need help with distillate asap please

Hello, i just recived my fifty shot and hot plate with mag stirrer in the mail today. I have a glass syringe and a liter of distillate so i must measure it out into syringe before adding terpenes. have heated up the distillate to approx 80c and tried to pour it into back side of syringe but it seems to get very sticky and clogged and i lost 2.5grams out of 5 so far. Can get a heat gun or anything will run to the store today. Really need help anyone please

Do you not add the terps to the distillate?
I mean where are you adding the terps?

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I am doing multiple different flavors and i only have one liter, Problem is i need to syringe distillate so i can put in another jar to mix terpenes with proper ratio.

Just pour into a beaker and measure by weight. And add terpenes by weight.
Its more accurate and reproducible.


Weigh it. Then add desired terpene to weighed distillate. Then fill the applicator and fill your carts.


But yes a heat gun will help. distillate is very thick for syringe. With terps added its thinner and easier.


Throw your Liter into a pan With boiling water, heat that distillate up until it is Runny,Make sure you buy other mason jars. Once the oil is heated up properly pour off however many grams you need into another mason jar obviously over a scale, then add your Terps. You really only need 5 to 7% Terps 10% is usually way too much depending on the flavor. Now once the Terps are in the mason jar with the distillate amount you need throw it back in the boiling hot water for a minute or two and then grab the mason jar out shake it up very nice and let it sit I have been making carts for years and this is always a perfect method never fails and I have the best Carts around👍🏻