Need Help Transferring from Two Large SS Drums into 5 Gallon Buckets in CO

Hey Guys,

I’m working with a group that isn’t setup to take in 55 gallon drums, only 5 gallon buckets, so I’m trying to sort out a way to transfer from Stainless 55 gallon Drums to 5 gallon buckets. I have the 5 gallon buckets and was going to get a heat gun and have some fun melting away and pouring into the buckets but that sounds mindless. Anybody around the Denver area better equipped to help with this? Assuming 55 gallon barrel heaters would be a better option and a barrel pump or pouring. Nonetheless open to ideas. I have no need for the stainless drums as well so if anybody is in need of those or interested let me know.

Thanks again in advance to this amazing community :call_me_hand:t4:

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55ga drum heaters are your best bet; the ideal way of
Handling this tho would be an industrial walk in oven; we use a large scale powder coating oven to heat our barrels.

Be warned it will take a day or 2 to get it fluid enough to pump with a jacket style barrel heater; so plan in advanced. Also you’ll want to use a decent diaphragm pump to pump the hot disty


Thanks @RockSteady that’s a great idea! Perhaps someone here in CO locally is better equipped to help with something like this?

Do you have a forklift available? If so I’d say lay barrel on its side, wrap with heater, and put a valve in one of the top ports with a spout you can pour into the buckets


stick it in a walk in freezer and bring a can opener and ice picks

Wish I had real suggestions, just here to be a dickhead lol


Got it figured out thanks guys!


Fork lift and propane burner…



Since the OP found a solution, now the real joking about can begin:

Technically that drum isn’t a worse crucible than most of the stuff coming off dhgate. With a good roofing torch, I think Guinness might be obliged to award you “world’s biggest dab”


What was your solution

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@TheGratefulPhil a lab in the network is better equipped and agreed to help and lend a hand. We’ll be doing the barrel heater and diaphragm tek, @rocksteady that oven tek is a good idea though! Also looks like we’ll strap it on tomorrow and be pumping Saturday :call_me_hand:t4:

Thanks again guys


Man TBH I would NOT use a diaphragm pump to deal with really viscous crude. The barrel heater is a yes. For sure.

However, I’d use vacuum assistance through the Recieving vessel or prime the pump and use a peristaltic pump.

If the lab you’re using doesn’t have cannabis specific experience, reach out to someone here who seems knowledgeable. I’m already available to help.

Edit: if you want to make this a more long term solution, buy a jacketed vessel large enough for the task and buy a heater that passes heat exchange fluid through the jacket.

You’ll be able to add fittings, piping, hoses, instrumentation and everything for about $8k for a mix between affordability and cost effectiveness