Need Help Setting up Draindroyd

So I’ve bought a Draindroyd 2nd hand and I can’t seem to figure out the harvesting part of the process. Every video of the machine in use shows only a vacuum hookup, but it seems you need to apply pressure to push the filtered liquid out of the harvest spigot. Have I configured the vacuum valves incorrectly? Or am I misunderstanding how this machine harvests? I was under the impression that it can be used in a continuos flow w/ filtration and harvesting happening in rhythm… but I keep bumping my liquid into my vacuum lines. Really need this dialed in as it is my only method of filtration and I have ~100L of dirty Etoh Hemp crude to clean up.
Any help with this complex buchner funnel would be greatly appreciated! I think the addition of an air compressor might solve my issue, but that’s just a shot in the dark & money doesn’t fill my pockets as much as lint and random screws :neutral_face:

Yeah, I think it needs blown :rofl:

this one had a separate air hookup…

Edit: …along with appropriate diptubes and valving. That’s my pressure regulator on the unistrut. Unit was in storage in this pic.

You could pull vac on a car boy and have the liquid in one side of the cap and vac on the other one. I would imagine you have to empty it often,


Wrong again.

Apparently they expect you to Unclamp and pour!!

Edit: suggesting you’ll probably need another lid penetration and a diptube…

Thank you! But if that’s the case, then whats with the 18" metal spigot coming straight up and out of the containment vessel like the loch ness monster??? If it was simply remove containment vessel and pour, then why is this a 20k dollar machine??? Also if I was to unhook and pour, I’d have to disassemble the metal spigot and the entire vacuum connection, not just the hose…

This pic is 3 Drayndroyds hooked up together, was there pressure involved? I think that may be the only way it works…

Couldn’t justify that price if I tried.

If Nessie has a dip tube, then you’ve either got to suck on it or blow in some other hole.

Pictures of the “containment” vessel might help. As certainly didn’t.

I think it came with a diptube, what would that look like, is it a 24" plastic tube with a vacuum attachment tip? And what do you mean by another lid penetration?

Drayndroyd has been impossible to get a hold of!! Not a fan of these guys
But I got this 2nd hand for the same price as a similar system I was going to get… should of got the other haha

Nope. Droid like Buchners. Manufacturer unknown.

Yes, pressure was required. Hence pressure regulator & “needs blown”.

An hole through which to dip a tube…

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Do you see the place for the dip tube? And would it be for pulling filtrate out of the collection system or regulating air pressure/vacuum?

Compressed air here makes the bucket filler work

I know the elevated vac is sketchy but it was necessary for observing the bumping that was happening. The floor is also usually spotless… today has been humbling

That’s really all I’m missing isn’t it…? It just seemed strange because no one and no video ever suggested pressurizing the system, guess I need an air pump

Don’t suck so hard. Or so long.

Doesn’t look like the “containment” really holds more than 3gal (12”x12” is nominal 5gal).

Yeah the containment vessel is barely 4 gallons, and the top is 20L… so a lot of stop and go. But what is a car boy?

1k word substitute for the win…

I’m going to have to develop a methodology for not overloading the system, is that what you mean by too long and too hard? Cause there is no vac controller. But I guess I’ll do 3.5 gal of motherliquid at a time… frustrating, not what I thought I bought

The 5 gallon things tou dill with water to drink. You can get mids with two ports and there plastic so its easy to stick a rod in there so your pulling vac above where solution