Need Help Setting up a Lab

Hey Guys,

Im new to this industry so any help would be greatIy appreciated.
I am setting up a new lab. I already purchased a Lab Society 20L Short Path Kit and a 20L Ai RotoVaps. I’m hung up on what extractor I should purchase. What would help me maximize production withe two pieces I already have.
One more important thing. I’m working out of a garage so power is limited!

Thanks in Advance

Dry ice, some vessels, a filter, a centrifuge, a stir plate, some filter aid/media and you can start working. This is obviously a gross simplification but these are the starting blocks.

The best place to read up is:
[(Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget) - #36 by cyclopath)

You can DM me if you want and we can chat offline.


Thank You Jay-TL, I’ll be reaching out to you soon.

What are you aiming to produce? Distillate only?

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Hey ZizzleB. Yes just Distillate

I would go the path of having an ACE or CUP alcohol extractor, for time and efficiency.

Like Dred Pirate said, the CUP extractors are pretty dang efficient and would be a great unit to start with… Delta makes a great one that isn’t particularly cheap but is a great piece of equipment if its in the budget… Do you have a proposed budget for your extractor?

2 BIG issues with a CUP or Ace rocking out of your garage are a) how are you going to get enough ethanol to run it, last I checked most companies are no longer delivering large quantities to home addresses (I could be wrong though) and b) you will quickly dig yourself into a massive backlog of tincture which after a certain point becomes an issue because cannabis in ethanol starts to degrade over time. This means you will be spending a lot more on ethanol to always have enough to run. This also makes it much more dangerous having all that Ethanol just chilling in your garage :fireworks::fire: :fire_engine:
Quick math:
If you run a CUP 15 at half capacity (~150lbs/8hr shift) (a very expensive investment to run at half capacity) you would need to be evaporating in the neighborhood of 50ish gallons of ethanol a day (depending on loss and reuse rate). With a single 20L roto running for 16hrs at max capacity you might be able to eek out 25 gallons (highly unlikely without modifications).

I don’t think a Delta or an Ace is your answer, you need something else. You need to design your setup around the 3 most pressing variables at play

  1. Availability of Ethanol at different volumes
  2. Power
  3. Evaporation and filtration throughput

Im responding to your DM shortly.

Yeah what that guy said. With a CUP, you are going to hit a bottleneck with your 20l roto

Recovery rate on your roto, is probably 10-12l hr
Doing the bucket gel I think the ratio is 5ml/g of biomass.
So in an 8 hr shift you could recover 24 gallons, and process 20-35 pounds.

Maybe look into a vacuum assisted still or multiple Rotovaps.

Also you can automate your rotovap to run continuously throughout the night.

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Care to elaborate on modifying a rotovap to distill continuously? Got me pondering…

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