Need help prerolls stuff

Who has king size prerolls 1400 case and bump boxes. I know google exist but I rather ask and try and see if anyone sitting or sells this stuff. Please lmk and tips and trick I made another post but any more info would help

Apparently Raw brand is in short supply right now. I’ve been told they are switching away from kind size rolls and focusing on smaller cone sizes.

Hey Ben we would be able to help you out! We don’t sell Raw Cones or Bump Boxes but we do have alternatives that would be an awesome replacement.

For the pre-rolled cones we would have the king size cones in the paper type you are looking for here: 109mm Brown Pre-Rolled Cones - 1 Gram [800/box] | Custom Cones USA

If you want to try it before you buy it you can call us and we will send you samples with all the different varieties of cones, tubes, and paper types we offer. Our number is 360-335-3938

We also have a machine that is like the bump box called the fast fill Fast Fill Cone Filling Machines | Custom Cones USA

However I would highly recommend you look at the King Kone - it is more expensive but you will be able to produce a lot more pre-rolls quickly and with better quality.

There are videos of the machines you can find on our youtube:

Fast Fill: Fast Fill Overview | Custom Cones USA - YouTube

King Kone: King Kone Overview | Custom Cones USA - YouTube

Let me know if you have any questions

You give future4200 discounts

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Sure! I messaged you a code directly

do you ship to south africa or eSwatini?

Yes we can ship via DHL although the best option is for you to get the goods picked up by a freight forwarder who can secure better shipping rates.