Need help info on how to go about the last stage of making THCA diamonds

Silver or plastic?


Not sure what you mean

I’m lost with this hole thing my buddy dropped it in my lap and took off

Trting to figure out what spoon your trying to be fed with. Use the search bar. Hot jar tek. Otss thread etc


Is that a good purge or?

Are they done forming?

I’ll show you

If your ready then dump all the terps into a jar or a tray.
Dump all the crystals out on a sheet of parchment paper.
Put in vac oven and purge

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Thats ready


I just bought a purge off amazon

The thing is you also have to have a reliable source of constant low heat.
If you got a chamber to purge in that will be a bit harder. But is doable


Slabby gotchya. Suck your buddy dipped but he left what looks like some great product. Grab a tea strainer and you can seperate the sauce into a new jar. Purge separate and enjoy. I use a pancake griddle but there are better options for SS like nuwave induction cooker. It doesn’t fluctuate temps, but only works with certain materials b.c of the way it heats.

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When I was using a griddle like that, I liked to put a tray of sand on the griddle, then place my chamber on it, the sand acts like a giant heat stone and keeps the heat even. Takes a while to heat up, but imo it’s worth it. Dialed it in as best as possible, then I’d hook the whole thing up to a temp controller. Convoluted, but it was a nice even heat.


Tbh I dont strain anything that small unless u just have to have the terps separate. I would speed that out on ptfe and stick it In the vac oven on low and slow ,heat and vac.

Also if u think its done… before doing anything open the jar and wait hr. Then reseal the jar and wait a week to make sure growth has stopped. Then move on to purging low and slow

I’d place that vac chamber on heating pad w temp controller. U can use it for the jars growing stones and the vac chamber purging


Man you guys are awesome also I have some that have seen to have combined altogether what do I do with those one looks sorta like candle wax

And yes I have heat source I’ve purge shatter before so I sort of have and idea

I nvr need to vac purge any or my applesauce, badder or dimonds. Just crack the lid. I get between 50 to 150ppm


What are you saying don’t purge it just seperate the sauce from the driamomd?