Need Falling Film Evaporator

I need 2 falling film evaporators that have a capacity of at least 50 -100 gal an hour.


I have two Precesion falling film evaporators . One brand new in the crate and one six months old . Both are capable of 55 gallons an hour of recovery. If you are interested please let me know .
I installed a big evaporator outside that does 600 g/h so these other two aren’t going to be used anymore. I have receipts for both and plenty of photos and can definitely give you guidance for operating.


Have three different units available that will do range of 50 gal/hr up to 500 gal/hr. Evaporators run off LP boilers and condensers can be cooled with running fresh water without necessity for a chiller.

In stock and ready to ship.

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Subzero has ffe’s that run 200 gal/hr. Expect to pay though.


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What are you asking for them?

We have 100 GPH units for sale. Manufactured in USA.

50 gal/hour. 30k includes FFE and ondemand water heater recirculation setup, runs off well water, chiller and propane.

130k for the new one and 100k for the six month old unit .

Would you be willing to do any type of lease or trade for it?

30k of film unit from FF and you can recover over 80gph.

And we have a plate condensing package that expands the recovery ceiling significantly and for a low price point.

Plus we are American designed/manufactured AND welded.

No company can compete with our quality, features and affordability.

Feel free to reach out!

Let me know what you have in mind . I can be reached at

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Can you reach out to me

if you look up open source steel extraction I have one up for sale

If you are still looking we have 1 Delta FFE. Message me for details.

Have several large FFEs for sale, can provide complete with gear pumps and storage tanks. Message me.