Need Crude in CO

looking for 500L of ethanol crude per week
WD 65-75-% $1475 target price

Must be in CO
Thank you

Can do $1500 for that volume at 60%

Actually could match asking price.

What kind of product quality are you expecting at that price? Generally a black to brown tar looking crude correct? Basically just paying for CBD content at that point no? Can’t imagine anything scrubbed looking good going for anywhere close to that low

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We have open extraction capacity in CO if you have any biomass you need cold extracted to decarbed, winterized crude. COA’s regularly hit 65-70% depending on input biomass quality.

im in fort collins

Did you see this?

Are you trying to pay $1475 for 500kg total?

Look at the date it was originally posted.


Right. and Look at prices now! What a great deal!

Haha yeah we are at 250-300

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