Need CBD kilos ASAP

Hey I’ve been waiting close to a week for contact- if you can 2+ kilograms of CBD isolate with all proper paperwork please message me or email me ASAP thank you


try @ky_cbd !


Lol we are talking now :wink: I don’t make isolate in house waiting on @Donna and @HempireSpecialist to reach back out. was a little too pricey.

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I can get you a good deal. I sent you an e-mail and just know our prices are never concrete


This is a close personal friend and an OG GLG member.

@verified_cbd don’t fuck it up.


I am also looking for 1-2kis of cbd distillate with original terps per month. More soon

I am also looking for 1-2kis of cbd distillate with original terps per month. More soon. Thank you. Sorry for double comment.

Distillate with original terps? Are you saying you want me to add my first fraction back to the main body? I have so many giant mason jars full of first fraction stuff that smells horrible. What exactly are you looking for?


Hi. sorry for late response. I am looking for distillate that is still rich in terpenes that will give the distillate a more potent effect. I have found some distillate contain no terps and some that do.

Even with a lower separation power distillation device, much of the terpene fraction will come over first, since the difference in boiling points between those responsible for scent (mostly mono- and sesquiterpenes) and cannabinoids is large enough. However, the bad news is, much of the first and some of the second are already lost during harvest and drying, so the terpene fraction you get distilling crude doesn’t smell vary appealing (to me, anyways).
One interesting approach by one of the terpene companies I’ve seen to remedy this is to compare the terpene profile of the original strain (i.e. gc/ms from fresh flower) with the distillate and then bring it back up to where it should be (by using terpenes from other sources).
Of course once you’re there, and your distillate is stripped from all but very few scent-carrying terpenes, you can as well add any strain flavour you want.

I understand and that is a pretty simple explanation of what needs to be done