Need cbd isolate

Need to be around 380 a kilo if anybody is interested let me know

Lol what 380 a kg haha good luck


This times a thousand. Lol


Not many people can even fulfill my order. You don’t like it no hate.

There are plenty of labs that can fulfill a 500kg order, but will not for that price point.

Wanna pay $500 then I can get you handled.


I am always looking for new connections. If you have a access i would love to talk to you. I understand this deal is a little cheap but its not my only thing. My only ask is that you show me i can me a legit business so i know everything is on the up and up.

Not many what? there are probably 20 people on this site alone who can do that volume do you think this is 2018
Go try an unverified slanger here if you want $380 per


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*cue unverified slanger jumping in.



wow almost fell for a scammer.

If you verified that and can offer proof, I’m sure it would warrant a message to mods and likely some action. Scammers aren’t tolerated around here.

Edit: Just because someone is unverified does not make them automatically a scammer. Plenty of good, honest extractors are unverified. It’s just an additional level of security knowing someone has been verified when purchasing from people on this site (and even the verified ones aren’t exempt from getting publically blasted and having verification revoked when exhibiting conduct unbecoming of an honest company).

Just looking for a little clarity on that, I guess.


A lot more than 20 people on this site can fill that order lmao.


not a scammer, new to the platform

Please read this thread before trying to sell here.

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Yeah you’re probably right I just made up a number tbh