Need CBD Flower

Reliable source for CBD flower needed THC level must be .3% or lower dm me with info thanks

Where are you located?
How much are you looking for?
What price do you hope to pay?

I am in Tennessee
Looking to start out with 20 a month or less how ever works have allot of friends that own gas stations and smoke shops that want good quality flower
Price is based on quality don’t mind paying for quality


@ky_cbd is closer to you than I am, but I have better quality flower out here in Oregon😉

Shoot one/both of us a DM


Nobody tops us here in the great northwest

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Shoot me an email with info

Email me some info would like to get some samples and check it out Continuing the discussion from Need CBD Flower:


Omw to pick it up now

Hey @Future who would you recommend for small order personal CBD something for my pops?

He just wanted to try and the gas station Chinese stuff around way my awful!


See your DMs. Get verified before posting again

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Definitely not the snake oil that is CBD isolate… Where is he located?

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I’ll dm u


Welcome…I’m in NC as well. If you’ve got product to sell there is a verification process to post on these message boards.

Follow this link

Slangers, Read this BEFORE Posting Hemp Products for Sale - Verified / Verification Post - #288 by RedundantAlexithymia

Hey i got flagged? I followed link it just lead to ankther thread, what do I do?

Sorry first day here lol

Hey pal, scroll to the top and read the thread I linked you to in detail and follow all instructions. I can’t do it all for you. :yum::grin:

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Everyone screws the farmers