Need Biomass in Oregon or Colorado

In need of Biomass. Thanks


How much? Exit Point?

Get verified slangers. @MirafloraWill @Aaron.Cannavessel

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I’m verified and I can take care of you


Reed can assist in Southern Oregon

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Give me a call, We’ll sort ya out.

Preston Hemp Co

Reed Preston - Founder / CEO


Phone: +1 (541) 787-0083

Instagram: PrestonHempCo

I know a Reed, Deadhead, from Medford havent seen him in years. You like the GD my friend?

How much do you need? ppp?

Working on it bud. Just joined the forum.

email me

Emailed you hopefully you got it

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What od you think with our hemp?

We have 100k lbs of compliant biomass available and lots
more with our farmer network.