Need an 8” glass main body

Sooo my main body went boom because of a silly mistake, I’ve received some outlandish quotes from China on a new one - my old one is repairable i think, as the coil didn’t break - and before I pull the trigger on a new one I’d like to see if anyone has a better price on an 8” glass main body evaporator.


You should post a pic, I may be able to help you out.

Edit: There you go!

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Ouch…that’s rough. Unfortunately there’s not much I could do with that. You may find someone willing to make another with that coil but you really wouldn’t be saving much $$ at that point.

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Appreciated! I was zonked already.

@wherearethestones always interested in hearing quotes

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how did it break?

Vapour pressure when cleaning burnt silicone oil from the jacket

sorry this happened i know how you feel but can you explain a bit more and maybe other ppl can avoid this issue…

you had jacket for main body on high temperature for cleaning and then? Im confused sorry

It’s been explained in my other thread. Not looking to derail this one.

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Ya. That is a total rebuild. There is minimal value in the “parts” but even then, it is less desirable for a glass blower to use these over starting new.

I’m curious what china prices a new one for? About $11,000 is usually the generic starting price.

Lol I picked it up cheaper in China and have found a supplier for less than half that

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Awesome. My glass shop does new builds as well as repairs, so its always nice to know what the competition is up to.

Can you share the suppliers info?

That’s a steal of a deal

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Nope, but if you or anyone needs anything just let me know! Took me a lot of work hunting stuff down this far and I understand the value of it.

My next step is hunting down the actual factories

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