Need advice before purchasing SPD KIT

Hello to everyone, its been a while since I posted here for help, but here I am again :slight_smile:

Im ready to get into distillation but as it is usual in my life, money is very short, so im trying to do it for a little money as I can.

I can afford the kit shown in the picture, im wondering if thats all the parts I need or will I need to purchase other parts to make it work, I already have a DIY Chiller for my 2L Rotovap, it works pretty good on the rotovap so maybe I dont need the water circulator and I buy a rotary vane pump instead.

You should know that the coldest im able to gat my chiller at is to about -1C.

Or if you have another alternative for a low cost entry setup im all ears, or eyes in this case :slight_smile:

I wanna take the opportunity to thank everyone that has helped in the past in this forum.

The picture is a waterfall pump not a rotary vane, I’d drop the pump and pick up a used pump elsewhere.

Aspirator pump*


gonna need a recirculating heater, or at least a responsible with a sous vide heater to pump warm water through that condenser. plus a cheap submersible pump. also I don’t know about that pump, maybe at least get something like a welch 1400 . but you get what you pay for, bottom line.

Yeah thats what I mean, could I buy just the glassware and heating mantel and get this pump instead ??SPDpump

reservoir **

not gonna cut it

Damn, thats something thats got me confused, do all types of distillation systems require warm water ?? Ive been looking at a few “Turnkey” SPD Kits and some of them do not come with water heating capability

You can run an spd on a barrel of water and a reservoir pump. When you need it to warm up unplug the pump and heat the condenser up with a heat gun. You’ll have to reheat it occasionally until the mains start to run steady, but it’s perfectly doable. I’ve run my small Spd’s for years like this.

they come with proper recirculating heaters that don’t use water. that’s why. they use the appropriate fluids (which varies). water works fine with an SPD this small and your submersible pump can handle 100°f+, not much more but I used to do like 110 otherwise the condenser would get blocked and vac fluctuates. but I’d also pump cold water through the condenser for terps. other wise, with one cold trap, you’re gonna put your pump through hell.

What temp you think I would need to achieve for that setup ?

Fyi the cheap submersible pumps will work up to 60C/140F continously but if u go up to 70C/158F it will melt it down or break it. You want a circulator that can go up to 200C
The pump you posted is not nearly poweful enough, u want something along the lines of a edwards 18.

I wouldnt buy a kit persay but buy parts seperatly. Get a good mantle from ebay and order your distillation glass from @david
That cow distribution flask is so 5 years ago, go with a swivel and full bore.
Here is my part list from awhile ago.

Replace the lab society head with @david head (Hk)
Replace the 100mm condenser with another 3way adstper from prism and a 250ml recieving flask.

that setup is gonna be a pain in the ass in my opinion. on the condenser? cold til your terps get thick and then you want your condenser to be hot. I was between 32f and 110f on my first 2l

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You can buy my setup. Rocco hk blend on the glasd. Alcatal pump. Full bore


how much ?

Im open to reasonable offers


Why buy premade kits with useless parts? Check the for sale threads on here


Don’t buy anything with GL vac lines

Get a full bore glass kit from @david

At minimum 24/40 all the way to the pump


Here’s what you want.



Ya but that mantle is crap crap crap

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I have a bad ass fully automated mantle if anyone is interested.

Insert cheesy plug here.

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