Need a dry ice vendor

I’m looking for a good dry ice vendor around the Denver area that will deliver 50 pounds of dry ice a week to my lab in Watkins. Doesn’t seem like any of the ones on google want to answer their phones.

50lbs delivered? I wouldn’t contact any manufacturers and look for a supply store or start a good relationship with your grocery stores nearby. I understand that’s 200 lbs a month + 4 delivery fees… but even if you got someone on the phone I’d tell you we don’t do that small of an order. Get that dry ice delivered from your grocery chain.
Min delivery is usually a tote around 500lbs in my experiences + tote deposit or purchase for starting business.


for that little amount hit up some hydroponic stores…you will not get an preference for 50 lbs.

I’m a small time dude and I run through 50 lbs dry ice doing my extraction.


Yeah that’s what I’ve been running into. Tired of paying grocery store prices and killing and hour round trip a day. I may just snag a dry ice maker.

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I see a few DIY small setups that look worth while for small amounts. Still gotta supply your own CO2 then. Definitely will pay for itself over time.

Grocery stores have delivery apps : services
:joy: send instacart to bring you 50lbs of dry ice

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Lol They don’t do that for us country people out here.
I’ve got a few 300cf CO2 tanks sitting here so I may just grab the dry ice maker. I’ve been trying to figure out how much ice a can make from one 300cf tank.

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How many lbs? Probably roughly 2:1 CO2 to Dry Ice. Maybe 3:1 if it isn’t efficient. It’s been a minute

If don’t mind spending a little extra money and effort get a liquid air/nitrogen generator. Probably save you a lot of effort and can use that to help make dry ice? I looked at the LN and just wasn’t worth the risk with my family who sometimes helps me. Way to dangerous for someone who’s not familiar with the dangers.

Most of the at home dry ice makers are stupid inefficient and not practical even for small scale extraction. It will all be loose packed and sublimate faster too. I’d rather pay top dollar at the grocery store before going that route.


Grocery store or welding supply store. Ftw

Where I’m at for a delivery you have to order a 200lb tote or larger.

I appreciate the heads up on that! I’ll probably just grab 50 pounds at a time from my welding supply guys.

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It takes me 50lbs just to get my rig cranked up good…once ur slurry cold though w about 30lbs dry ice dissolved in it then it doesn’t take near as much to maintain. Run 1 cost…it’s when u can add run. 2-4 into the same tote dry Ice that u can start shaving time off runs. Running back to back that is


Google dry Ice distributor…u might get lucky like I did

A 300cf cylinder will have 50lbs of liquid co2 in it. You would be lucky to get 25 lbs of dry ice. Also, the cylinder has to have a dip tube (not a welding co2 tank).

Your best bet to save money on 50lbs per week would be to make good friends with someone who sells dry ice at the grocery store and pay them cash. Dry ice is very difficult to maintain inventory on and the 50lbs you buy sublimated that week. Your new friend makes 50 bucks, you get your ice and the grocery store/welding supply thinks it went into the atmosphere.

Of course for all the hassle, I would personally just pay the price. Legitimate price breaks come at 500lbs and shipping on 1000lbs is $350 including tote return freight.


If u pay the extra and get ton it comes in those special coolers…wrap the blankets to maintain the temp inside . It’ll last way longer. But that cooler they bring it in like a super yeti. Keep it outta the sun and in maintain environment

I found some dry ice coolers for a few hundred bucks that claim they will hold 50 pounds for a week and only loose 2 pounds. I’ll probably pick that up and keep the dry ice in that and put it inside my deep freezer for now. I’ll probably be picking up a wipefilm before to long so shouldn’t really need dry ice for to much longer. I’ve also been thinking about fabing up a stainless cold trap and hooking it into a -80 chiller I’ve just got to run the math on which is more expensive. The dry ice or the electricity.

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@Killa12345 has some really cool stainless cold traps for just that purpose…

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I appreciate the info. I generally build everything my self but if I run out of time I’ll hit him up.

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Have you tried AirGas? They deliver. I have used them for dry ice for other purposes.

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