Need a basic bho consultant in Southern Oregon

Hi. I’m in need of a bho teacher for shatter.
I need someone that can teach someone that knows nothing about extraction and teach them to make A+ product.
Please provide references and rates

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Cbd shatter or thc shatter? I only ask because of your handle.

I am available to help though.

I run mostly lpgas hydrocarbons (butane, isobutane, propane)

I can operate active and passive, I prefer passive. But, I originally began active and over the years have preferred passive.

I can easily give them a detailed sop and training for the system on hand. Along with the know how to make a grade a product afterwards.

You can search my handle on Instagram and see some of my work.

My rate is $1000 per day plus travel expenses (hotel, flight, and rental car).


This would be for thc.
How many days would you say it would take to have someone who’s never touched a closed loop to feel comfortable running solo?

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Dm me

Two three day and hopefully by the end of the second day he will be turning valves alone. I would plan to arrive the day before to meet and greet. Also so I can see the facility and know what I need to work on the next day. And the day after, if I have time. I’ll come by and help wrap things up and make sure everything is set. I also encourage folllow up calls for questions. I don’t mind a couple calls a week. Makes sure they are grasping everything in case something didn’t stick.

Personally feel that shatter is a very easy product process to pick up.

How novice is he, does he at least know his way around a tool bag? If he knows how to “work” and use his hands, he’ll pick up quickly.

Message me. I can name drop the bigger groups I’ve worked with. I also host training workshops for bho classes, as well.


Honestly at that price you should go with dred pirate hes worth 3500 a day


Very kind of you, sir.

@ExtractionCBD, please do reach out. I can give you greater details in private.

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Don’t forget about Wolfman. I just realized who this is he’s legit and I vouch for him as well

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Thank you apothecary

Dm me apothecary36