Need 5 gal of denatured ethanol cheap

Where you guys getting cheap 5 gal buckets of denatured ethanol. Bulk I’m good on just need 5 gal for testing.

Location? Tarr LLC has the best prices here near Seattle

I’m in Utah. Most likely have to be shipped. Guess I could look for local scientific supply.

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Cosmetic supply stores

Xtraxpros in utah…
Hope that your headache goes away.

Lab Alley, $150 for 5gln

BVV has 5 gal for $66, not sure about shipping cost.

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I’ve heard this stuff is supposed to be more effective somehow during winterizing. Have you heard anything like that?

I know many people use it for winterization, maybe it’s the azeotrope that forms between water/heptane/ethanol that makes it good for winterization but not great for extraction in the longer term like described here:

Do not use ethanol denatured with heptane for winterization, the 5% heptane will hold fats and not give you a complete winterization


Interesting, thank you for the heads up.


Usually at least $80 for shipping which puts you at $140 / 5 gallons.

I can pickup put for $200 in person at Tarr LLC