Need 1000 ascent ceramic snap top

Hey guys, anyone that has 1000 ascent 1mL ceramic carts on hand, I need to order them today US only please. Would prefer if you had a website to forward to the bossman for CC payment, TIA

cart farmer

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you should check only US carrier for them I know of. good luck.

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I DM’d him earlier, he got back to me thx!

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Handled, thanks folks!

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We’ll be adding 1k packs back up to the aite for convenient purchase in about 2-4 hours


Cool, i didn’t want to add 10x 100 packs to the cart without checking first

Is ascent quality back and consistent now? is using them still so I believe so- ran into some guys the other day who are using them- they love em

I really like AVD but they’re expensive af and ikrusher is amazing for failure rates but no snap top available

My 1k last batch of 0.5 I just got today have all been perfect I think the Corona carts problem have been fixed


I get them still. new order otw straight from @Ascent

I want have anything else

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The price is hard to beat but my last box had like 5 or 6% have the caps come loose from the locking mechanism