Nano THC sublingual strips

Who else likes this approach?


This has been out for quite some time now.

Seems like a solid approach to getting high for soccer moms


That isn’t nanotech lol. 10-15min onset give me a break. It’s just a somewhat effective sublingual. This product has been around for a while in CA. It doesn’t really move in any interesting numbers afaik


One time I bought some blotter paper off ebay and tried to infuse. If I were to do again I’d try a mint flavored saturated ethanol soak followed by a drying process.

Is nano gonna be that much better?

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Gelatin or sucrose i think idk but dried in a vacuum

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I was a purchasing manager when this exact brands product came around. Couldn’t pay me to take it again, def not nano. I couldn’t imagine how much more horrendous it would be if it was


If I’m not mistaken there was a lab in Adelanto that offered this years ago. They were raided for whatever reason, but the tek isn’t new by any means.

maybe make them 5000mg so they hit like a suboxone strip, know your market people :smile:


Cannastrips. Lifestyle Delivery Systems aka LDS lol these fuckin clowns tried to get me to work in their lab many years ago (before they got raided) and naturally I told them to kick rocks. Wonder how they’re doing now? Lol

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That’s it! I remember touring the facility. What a terrible lab layout man. The California market is hilarious when you see past the smoke and mirrors.

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Sounds like fun to me! I’m down to try anything except suppositories! lol
Don’t really know why everyone is bashing it so badly on here. Patients who can’t take their medicine in other ways would really benefit from a quick dissolve strip.

10-15 minutes actually is very fast and means that it bypassed first pass metabolism through systemic circulation, right to the bloodstream. I’ve actually been doing extensive work on this subject and have developed a strip that will give you effects in ~4 minutes. Also as a result of this the dose can be significantly lowered. a 16mg dose gave one of my test subjects, a veteran cannabis user “spaghetti legs”.

Biggest problem is finding a manufacturer :frowning:

so I had to buy my own damn machine.

But they aren’t really available at a decent price so when one popped up on eBay I had to snatch it. Ironically I was just messing around with it when I saw this post.


Are you pretty happy with the machine? Could you have made something similar for way cheaper?
Looks like a mini-pizza oven, Is that how it works?