NANO Size Anti-clogging dual-airway system(=virtual preheat system) 1ml/2ml disposbale vape pen

Hi there, I would like to recommend our new hottest disposable pen :star_struck:


NANO SIZE ONLY: 77mm19.2mm10.7mm

Our pen boasts an anti-clogging dual-airway system, providing you with a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience every time.

With the easiest 1-second-capping system.

Customizable shape and size of oil-window and even light window, various stick and cap colors!

1ml and 2ml options, and for those concerned about heavy metals, we offer an optionally heavy metal-free materials.

Suitable for live resin oil. Smooth airflow and better vape experience.

Pics are as follows.

Samples are available.

Please kindly DM!


Anyone wants to try and see our other products catalog. Welcome to reach out me.

Email: [], WhatsApp+ 86 150 134 22722

Can you list the specs please?

Volts / resistance ?

Most vapes are still way too high temperature. Too hot.

I’m interested to get more info and try.

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1ml neutral specs:

Size: 88mm19.2mm10.7mm(1mL, 300mAh), or customizable


Battery: 300mah

Weight: 1mL-20g

Capacity: 1.0ml

Intake hole: 4*2.0mm (customizable)

Resistance: 1.2ohm, 1.25ohm, 1.4ohm, or customizable

Color black, white, silver, or custom colors

Material of tip: Food grade PC

Material of center post: copper material (Lead-free is optional)

Material of pod: PCTG

Heating Coil: ceramic coil with cotton

Heating wire: NiCr

What’s the voltage input/output ?

3.5V/1.2Ω for our neutral, if you have request can be customized

Those settings are very high…especially such a low resistance at 1.2

I understand they are customizable…how much does that cost?

If I wanted 3.0V /1.8 ohm

Or 2.8 and 1.6 ohm?

*I’m just curious. I’m not ready to buy.

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This form factor is soooooo dated

Oil on top of battery in a juul shaped device

Oil next to battery makes it smaller and not look like a lqbtq+++ usb stick.

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No need extra cost, but customize for 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm MOQ is 10kpcs
we have 1.4ohm, no MOQ.

It’s ok, I’m happy can get reviews :grinning:

Yes, looks not special, but customized brand make it looks very smart and amazing, I have made several brand samples, but sadly I can’t share here, hope you can see those on market in near future and recognize it.

I’m not big like most people on here…I’m very small. I buy less than 100 each time :grin:

Thank you for sharing.

I think if you are honest and do good business… And lower your voltage and raise the resistance you’ll have more return buyers.

Most high quality oils are very sensitive to heat. Too hot and it tastes terrible…not enough heat and it doesn’t vaporize.

The best tasting oil in the world tastes terrible if temperature is too high.

Take care.

Many thanks for your advice, it’s helpful with our new project, we are planning to make a new mold 0.5/1.0ml lower temperature suitable with high quality live resin oil. We received many requests of lower voltage and raise resistance, our mission is to make perfect products with the market changes.

Do you have any idea of the appearance of products? Any other suggestions on devices except the temperature?

We can sell at 100pcs for natural product as well. When the new products come out, I can send you samples for free to test.

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Give the people what they ask for.

If you know the higher temperature is no good why sell it?

It’s b/c companies don’t want to take a loss. Your hurting your brand and wasting time selling products that are too high temperature.

I have a few ideas for design…I’ll organize my thoughts a bit and get back to you.

I’ll give you a honest review.

You sound better than 90% of the vape hardware companies already. Hopefully you have good quality. Let’s stay in touch.


thank you, your idea will much helpful for us, and reserch new product need take long time, but I’ll ask our engineers hurry up and once ready will contact you at the first time and send you samples to test, honsest review is what we need :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Give the people what they ask for.

If you know the higher temperature is no good why sell it?

It’s b/c companies don’t want to take a loss. Your hurting your brand and wasting time selling products that are too high temperature.

we just received these request recently before our new products comes out, market changes fast compared with reserch new prodcut :joy:

And mostly it comes for new high quality live rosin clients. Maybe our device temperature is high but not so bad as you throught, many clients after tested still like it. And our product can adjust to 1.4ohm or any customize resistance.

But now we still wanna try make a new that aim to low temperature live rosin and make more technology changes make it suitable with live rosin.

Many ppl still do not understand about the temperature…including ppl that make vapes.

It doesn’t matter weather it’s solventless (rosin) or not…ALL good oils taste terrible if too high temperature.

This is the same problems it’s always been since vapes came out.

The engineers come from a NICOTINE background. They don’t understand cannabis oil. You can STILL achieve high vapor production at lower temps if the viscosity is right.

VISCOSITY matters. Too many newbs in the market place. They order 1 million dollars worth of vapes but don’t know what they’re doing. So the vape companies THINK those high temps are good. They aren’t.

Also still sounds like your trying to move that high temp inventory…

BE HONEST… IF you sell ppl those high temp vapes they won’t come back.

Vape companies flat out LIE and deceive ppl. They make new names new accounts and do the same deceptive bs over and over again.

Can’t stand it

:joy: machinabis never change name, we are trying our best to let clients know us and try our products.

But we do pay attention to the temperature request now, all our big order of disposable products are ordered after samples test. So haven’t met these problems