N-butane recovery with -10 chiller?

I’m using 8-10lbs of n-butane

So I’m looking into getting a stainless solvent tank with single jacket and condensing coil and wondering if my current chiller would cut it I can get the thing down to about -14c /-15c just chilling my jacketed collection pot to bleed n2 but was wondering if that would be good enough for recovery as well. I don’t mind loosing a bit of time would like to be under or around an hour tho. Ideas, thoughts?

Depends what you mean, -15c is certainly cold enough to cause butane to condense but is your chiller compressor able to keep up with the rate of heat transfer your giving it when your condensing 10lbs of butane?

How many tons is the compressor in your chiller rated to?

5000watt window ac converted to a chiller but I only payed 25$ for it I could always get a 1 ton ac unit

Your current chiller is over a ton of cooling already so no need to buy another. Did you modify the temperture control on the unit?

5000W not 5000BTUs?

Thats a serious window AC

I just bypassed the thermostat and I let it run wide open

Wow i didnt realize that’s what I was putting haha yes a 5000 btu it’s only 120 volts lol

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I have pretty much the same thing, 20 dollar 5000btu

The actual coil will hang out at about 10F so if you dont have much load on it you might be ok. I use it for other purposes so i cant tell you if it will work out but you might be close


Just happened to stumble upon this thread, gives me all kinds of ideas


Ya I’ve seen that one before it’s a good read