My eBay syringe pump came today

This was being sold as “broken/for parts” so i Got it for less then 100$. Seller said he thought one of the boards inside was fried so I was just planning on bypassing the controls and driving the stepper myself but looking at It I don’t think anything is fried. No shit stains anywhere or anything else to indicate component failure but I do see that in the Connector there seem to be sections with wires, some with nothing and some with crimps that currently have no wires Which is especially suspicious. So I thinking of trying to get this working with the electronic control.

If anybody is familiar with how’s these work or what kind of control signals they take I would love some input. I’m going off old instillation documents that aren’t very detailed. I noticed at least 4 physical controls in the circuitry and 3 test points

Nice! Get a stepper contol and rip out all the unnessary guts!MACH3 - 5 Axis CNC Breakout Board for Arduino Stepper Driver Controller for sale online | eBay
Replace with this board
Get a computer with parallel port
Install this
Then calibrate your motor with the software
Write a program
Fill carts! …:medal_sports::medal_sports:


yea i can drive the stepper no problem im just curious if this board is still viable. plus im not a coder, i can do arduino’s version of c enough for most standard automation application, and driving stepper’s isnt a problem but i wont be able to optimize like there code is. plus they already hav limit switches and protections built in. especially if i ever wanna get in to driving it like a real pump which takes coordinating 2 steppers with 4 sensors. like i could do it the naive way but i cant do port manipulation and interrupts without serious effort lol

i just a set of these
and these

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i think i found what i needed

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Now you can be like " Bro! does your cart filler even have a parellel port?" Lol


Im excited to see the progression with this, good luck, keep us updated!

this is the real money shot one right here

it says it can be controlled using the CAN protocol which makes everything so much easier and cheaper. it also says that together both steppers can run off 1 amp which seems low for the size of the motors but that works for me lol

Intense. Ive seen the pipette repeater guns thought about giving one a whirl just to save on waste/overfill/generosity lol.

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