My co2 parameters

We are running a 10l ies with max pressure of 1500psi. We currently have the chiller set to 75f-80f 1,100psi in the solvent chamber and expansion columns at 80f, any lower and we get ice build up on the columns. Any objections to running the chiller and water bath so close to the same temp?

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what is your goal with this extraction?

Full spectrum co2 oil, wanting to retain terps throughout entire process but also needing a good balance of terp retention and total yield within about 1.5lbs raw material per hour.

Did IES give you those parameters?

The 10L based off their website has a 650-3500PSI range.

You are not going to have that effective of cannabinoid extraction with those parameters. Typically 1700-1800 PSI with a 110-140F extraction vessel temperature and a 32-40F chiller have been average ranges for sub 2000 PSI systems that I have operated.

Also if your chiller and heater are the same temperature you risk quasi gas/liquid mixtures instead of ensuring you are bringing liquid CO2 into your extraction vessel.

I do not own a IES but I have replaced a few for bad wiring in their cabinets. The newer models look like a copy of MRX units which were a copy of Critical Solutions which was a copy of Eden. They also looked like the copied all the shortcomings and failures of those systems too.


1700 - 1800 psi is supercritical. 1100 psi @75 is sub critical. Depends what you are looking for as a end product. If your machine can go high enough pressures try one at sub and one at super of the same material. Make sure the temp of the room is not too cold or hot ans stable. Go up or down w the extractor and seperator temps. down a few degrees then watch run make sure the line going back to the pump is not frosting up bc how i see it is oil could be carried over into the pump in a liquid state. It is ok for the sep colums to be frosted up just not after them. You could always go up a few degrees untill you see pump return not frosting. I think better co2 product comes out of the 1250 psi range at 69f to 75 f fepending ambient temp and flowrate. Look into terpene extraction runs then first part of run then main body thc harvest.

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Yes, IES gave me those number. Its an older machine.

This is our results from last run on 3-4% CBD trim.

75f on expansion/isolation chamber? What temp do you run your solvent at?

I have never heated co2 solvent. Tank is usually cool when it emptys and warm when pumped back into. Is your solvant storage temp adjustable.? If so id try at the 70f to keep fuel stable temp.

No, cant control storage temp. Only reason I was thinking letting the co2 warm up was to see if it was possible to match the co2 density using this calculator
To match density of specific terpenes in order to try to pull more of one terp in one run and make different flavor crude oils.

For instance Myrcene is 794K/m3
Calc shows co2 at 1100 psi and 73f with a density of 792 but it does say liquid phase

Just finished another run of 4lbs material. Chiller had a hard time getting below 60f so we ran a second a/c duct in the room and dropped the thermostat. Chiller finally got into the upper 40’s. Expansion temp hung around 77f. Only problem were are having now I believe is the expansion chambers purging was too fast causing extract in isolation cups to freeze. It is also carrying most of the oil into the accumulator chamber.

How many collection vessels are you running?

Ideal situation is cold ass liquid co2 running through pump, followed by check valve and heater pre extraction vessel. Higher pressure, higher temp, higher flow = more extracted. Get a cascade of separation vessels going at different temps and pressures for fractionation, followed by co2 recycling. Last collector should be low pressure low temp (cold cold) to pickup terps prior to recycling.

With 3+ collection vessels you can fractionate out thc/cbd, terps/lipids, and monoterps.

Running 2 collection vessels

Have you figured out the problem because we run and I ES 40 later and I haven’t run into that same thing but we have gone through a puzzle of problems

What I had to do was run a terp run for 1 hr on expansion 1. this allowed for less co2 in the isolation cup 1 to purge out at the end. Expansion 2 Is my main cannabinoid run at higher pressures and 115f. With the expansion 2 side hot the isolation cup does not freeze when purging, still gets really cold but at least it does freeze and build ice all over the outside.

I am looking for a new extractor that extracts the terpenes first and then adds them back in. Do you do this?

Yes, that is exactly how we do it. Where are you located? Are you doing CBD extracts or THC?

CBD oil, I am in Colorado. Where you located? Can you email me a terpene profile?

I DM you some questions and a coa on some full spec oil we did a while back.