MVP150 C1D1 Pump for sale MI, $8,000 obo - fresh rebuild before storage

Item Model/Manufacturer: MVP 150 C1D1 Pump
Description: Upgraded to a T-291 and new equipment and this pump has only been operated in my licensed facility in Mi with frequant maintenace intervals. All diaphragms, seals and shaft seal were replaced when the pump was swapped and placed in storage.

Comes with C1D1 rated receptacle and ready to ship via freight to your location. Pickup is available but i dont think anyone wants to drive to the UP with snow haha.

Price/MSRP: $8,000 obo
Current location of item: Michigan. Upper peninsula
Estimated lead time: Available now.

User support / Warranty: Used, Sold as is

Feel free to messave for any questions.