MVP maintenance(wear & tear)

MVP pumps… Im wondering those of you who work with MVP pumps and done the routine maintenance, or more… what were sure signs to your experience once you opened up the diaphragm that there needed to be something done?

Yes we have the manual and instructions on how to remove the necessary bolts from the pumps diaphragm head. giving the operator access to the inside components of the diaphragm head.

now once opened what are GOOD signs of being in Good conditions and just needs to be polished up and closed up.
what are BAD signs of wear and tear and needing the proper maintenance?


Did you ever get any anwsers?

Also bumping for answers

Bumping, trying to rebuild and replace some parts on an MVP 6cfm but having trouble figuring out what exactly is the issue. If anyone is in the Portland area and has experience I would love to compensate for your help.

Thanks :call_me_hand: