MVP 60PSI buzzing, lower fan doesn’t spin. No pull

My guys

I purchased an mvp off somebody on here and plugging it in initially it sounded good without any CO2. With the needed pressure in it to run it buzzes rather loud and the lower fan blade struggles to turn. The guy I got it from neglected to tell me he took it to xtractor depot and they said it would be 4K to fix the noise “but it doesn’t effect the pump” until after I asked him what the hell was up with it. Unfortunately it does effect the pump it isn’t able to pull at all. It seems to be the motor that’s causing the issues. Iv checked the wiring on the pump to make sure I’m not overloading or under loading the pump but I don’t know my way into it. If anybody knows a guy that’s located around the PNW I have a feeling I’m gonna need it to be rebuilt.


You might try @Xtractek, although they are mainly doing vac pumps these days.

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EcoGreen rebuilds them. Mike is good with the MVP’s. You could always call him and see what he has to say. 4 grand seems a bit high. I know EcoGreen has a company that rebuild the electric motors for the MVP’s, and they rebuild the pump unit in house. Might try giving them a call.