Mvp 6 making loud clanking noise like something is loose

The pump is working just fine. Co2 is at ok level. Sound is coming from bottom of dark blue cylinder. Any ideas?

Diaphragms May be busted.

Wait that loud clanking noise ISNT normal?


Haha its gotten worse after 4 months of use.

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and pump is working fine?

how does that work?!?


Oops, definitely not the diaphragms!

Does it make a chirping noise?

10 sec video with sound might be informative…

although if it sounds wrong, chances are it’s asking you for help, and you should either open it up or get it to someone qualified to do so. last thing you wanna do with a hydrocarbon pump is run it till it fails catastrophically.

it probably won’t breath fire like an appion…


How many hours do you have on your pump? I just did a complete repair of mine. It sounds like it is a diaphragm issue or that with some seals needing to be replaced. I think that it’s also possible that it’s the reeds gone out

I have it on for 10 hours a day and am around 1000 hours of use. So it’s probably time for a rebuild. It’s my first time. Where do I get the parts? Is it easy to figure out?

I ended up getting in touch with bhogart because master vapor was not the best at being able to reach. I found a few links to some repair guides that were actually very helpful and actually made by another company, but I’m beyond glad that they took the time to make them. From the beginning of your video I have a feeling that it’s related to the fan blade underneath the bottom cap. I would remove the 3 small Phillip head screws and inspect the fan. Something could also have fallen into the fan cap and it is just rattling around in the cap
Look there 1st and go over to master vapor pump rebuild on YouTube and you’ll see all the videos there. I hope this helps you out and if you have any other questions please feel free to hit me up and I’ll do whatever I can to help you out with this issue because I know from experience it’s not fun and massively frustrating.


Could also be a worn-out coupler too

Sounds like my old 79 diesel rabbit…


FYI Graco makes the MVP. My theory is since they are a billion dollar company they didn’t want to be affiliated with cannabis industry so someone made a little shell company, MVP and marketed it to us


Hey did you ever find out what was causing this noise. I am having the same issue currently.

Hey just wondering what this sound turned out to be? I’m having the same issue. Thanks!

Or the first series of cps tr21

Hit up bhogart. They mfg the mvp and have pretty good customer service. I broke on me on a Luna and they got me a replacement pretty fast

Ok thanks will do

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