Mvp 150 leaking co2

Can anyone help… I have a mvp 150 mastor vapor pump. Have replaced diaphrams and shaft seal… and it is still leaking co2 through the pump alignment housing.

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Were you able to find a solution? We are experiencing similar issues.

Same here. I prime the system every run.

I have rebuilt the pump several times, Mike at mvp has sent me a new gasket that goes between the two housings. I have only primed the pump and holding so far, however I have not ran the pump yet as it is part of my new system. The last time I rebuilt it completely it did the same thing. Held pressure until I used it about 3 runs… what is your recovery pressure as pump co2 pressure should only be about 30psi more than your evap chamber…

We believe its a diaphragm issue. When we went to purge the pump it sprayed oil and what we think to be butane. Do you have any suggestions on how to diagnose our problem?

Non other than to rebuild the pump. Order new diaphrams… but if you are running super cold tane you will want to make sure you get the original 2 piece diaphrams… there is a new one piece that is stronger but does not withstand the cold… improper pressure will blow diaphrams quick… pump co2 pressure way higher than recovery pressure pressure. Only need to be 20 to 30 psi higher

Did you lose co2 pressure or it transfer thru system to recovery tank?

Did you solve the problem ? I believe i maybe having the same issue… I called XD to get a new shaft seal kit and they sent one for the older mvp😠

they told me it was the shaft seals but they don’t look damaged to me.

Actually I haven’t ran the pump yet.