Multiple Hemp Robberies in Vermont

Hello all,

I know there aren’t as many Northeastern folk on here, however there’s been hemp thefts popping up in VT. Our farm in Swanton was robbed of 30-40 plants and another farm in Milton was robbed of 400. Both overnight, currently get identities verified from camera footage.

Our farm is protected by surveillance and an armed head grower, however not all farms are secure. Any farmers in the area should be on alert.


Smaller farms, too even. From what we gather nothing anyone has jacked has even been close to mature, what Is going on? Vermont has always had a ton of plant jacking, are people just not aware its hemp? Even then, still doesnt make a lot of sense. For what it’s worth, Hemp buyers have been notified and at least with our team anyone trying to sell a bunch of hemp with no farm is gonna get red flagged. Side note, glad to see VT on here, even if the context sucks


Usually it’s just teenagers thinking they scored a jackpot of THC, but then it’s also generally just a few plants.

These jackings seem more organised, we have one suspect, when we can confirm his involvement we will be sharing the info.


We had some good friends of ours in the St Albans area get hit the same way, unfortunately due to their smaller scale they had less access to the security resources they probably needed. If this is deliberately for Hemp for commercial use then that kinda narrows things down as well. Would be very interested to hear once you know more.


Hard saying, our 30 or 40 I could believe being a dumb poacher, but 400 seems too large and deliberate to not be trying to use commercially.

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