Most Valuable Single Resource in My Life - The Survival Podcast

This is the single most influential and valuable resource I have ever stumbled upon.

I listened up to about episode 2000 religiously, at least half of them 2x or more.

Jack Spirco taught me about preparedness, for if times get tough and even if they don’t. I learned about permaculture, food preps, investing, pursuing liberty, firearms, true nonviolent anarchy, how the banking and federal reserve works, the list goes on and on.

This is what kept me awake and alive when I used to drive 4 days in a row on my route.

The GLG idea was born out of his Membership Support Brigade (MSB), a discount club for the Survival preparedness community.

I named my first born son Jack in his honor (and because Jack Powers is a fucking alpha name)

I watched him be the change he wanted to be in his life, from commuting hours a day and podcasting in his car to sitting back and relaxing on his homestead, hosting classes and teaching the masses.

I aspire to be more like this guy in my day to day life and hope that I’ve been able to pay it forward half as well as he has


Thanks for the resource. The past few weeks I’ve been desperately looking for something I can listen to while working and still learn something. There’s only so many Kevin jodrey videos I can watch on YouTube (I highly recommend jodrey to anyone in the flower or oil game looking for knowledge and context)


Seriously a great podcast! Just started listening to him about a month ago and I feel like my life is finally staring to make sense. Any episodes you highly recommend?

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I’ll go through and summarize my top 10. But the most valuable ones for me have been on Permaculture, preps, and governmental theory

Awesome thanks! I’ve been episode hopping mostly with prep and expert council shows,will deff look into permaculture and governmental theory.