Most Respected Companies

What are some of your favorite cannabis manufacturing companies out there? Or companies you think do a really quality product?

I have always liked 710 Labs, Oleum, and Mile High.

There are a couple factors here. Quality, ethics, and innovation could all be reasons to appreciate a company.


Echo Electuary in Eugene, OR is one of my favorites


Just checked them out. They look really good. Nice branding too.

The owner is an amazing guy, he makes top shelf extracts, and a portion of his profits goes towards a charity for the bees.

What more could you ask for!


I think Allen, Ernie, Doug, Troy, Craig, Andrew, Chris, Andrew, Ray, Jesus, Raul, Omar, Usama, Jose and several others are all incredible people you can reach out to at Xtractor Depot for solutions you can count on. From custom glass to broken shit needing repairs. They’re my go to.


I bought a cls from subzero scientific 10yrs or so ago. Had a problem with my tane bottle. They asked for pics, they paid to ship it back and just gave me a new one. Very prompt response and great customer service. I can believe they backed there stuff after so long. In my opinion they are a great company to deal with.