Most common waxes removed in BHO and Ethanol extracts via winterization

Does anyone know the types and rough estimates of proportions of waxes found in crude extract? or can point me to studies or test results on this matter?

It really all comes down to the material you’re running and the parameters you run it at. If we do a really cold butane run (at least -40F or colder the entire time) we pull way fewer plant fats and waxes than if we do a warm run. Same way with ethanol.

Material also comes into play. For the last month we’ve been forced to run material that is whole plant that was seeded out and ran through a forage chopper (has lots of stems/seeds in it) and there are a lot more plant fats and waxes than just hand bucked flower material.

All that being said I’d say on the high end we have up to a 20-25% loss and on the low end anywhere from 5-10% loss during winterization.

Have you ever had to crude tested to get the chemical composition of the waxes?

Thats about what my average is 20% loss after winterizing and decarbing, obviously material dependent but 20 is about what I expect especially with a 6-10% decarb loss

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No we just send in our crude to get our cannabinoid content tested. The crude with higher fat and lipid content typically tests much lower on cannabinoid content (40-50%). I personally do not know of anywhere that tests strictly for plant fat and wax content but I’m sure one exists somewhere.