More Decarb loss with Medusa Stones?

So typically when I decarb my THCA I’ve always gone with a 12% loss from my experience. Well today I was decarbing a large batch of THCA that I had recrystalized in a 70/30 butane propane mix. I started off with 1840g and after decarb I’m down to 1500g that’s roughly a 18.5% decarb loss. Has anyone else encountered this yet. I double checked my weights and they are all good. Guess these carts will be a lil terpier this batch.


I had a batch I thought my lab tech fucked up because they all lost around 15%. Figured he fucked up with the tare weight on the lids. This was a batch of straight chalk. It also decarbed very dark considering it was a pure white powder.

The other reasons that could account for the difference is spicy gas does a very bad seperation between HTE and THCA. Even if it looks like spun sugar there can be some terps/other shit in there.


i rex all my thca in a big vessel before i decarb so all are 99% pure and keep the left over fraction as a house mix apple sauce or strain specific if i rex enough of one strain