Monthly cannabis commerce mixer GP, Oregon

The sourthern oregon cannabis commerce mixer is the longest consecutive run mixer in Oregon and probabaly the USA. We meet on the first monday of the month every month. Focus is on both hemp and marijuana (its all cannabis though ssssssshh) if there are any fellow oregonians or anyone from out of state please come by. Great place to meet people and educate yourself.

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Where’s it taking place at?

The haul in grants pass. I will put up the flyer here each month.

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Are men allowed or is it female only? Wasn’t sure if the venus symbolism was for the plants, the target audience, or the program’s leadership.


March is typically a female power month so thats why. It wasa really good meeting. Learnt lots about cover crops and hemp building materials. Check out my instragram @proendowholesale to see what it was like

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