Molecular Sieve Size??


i would like to know what size molecular sieves the members are using for their extractors. I need to make 2x molecular sieve for 2 different 5lb extractors and was wondering what sizes everyone is using to properly dehydrate their butane. I was thinking 1.5"x18" but i suspect that is too small. I thought about 3x12 but that seems big compared to what i see on people extractors.

What do you all use as far as the actual size of the sieve to the actual size of the extractor.



the filter dryer is 3 ×24" it may be a little overkill, but I wanted extra. machine has a 4x48" material column, useing 3a beads.


These 2x 5lb units both have 4x48 jacketed spools. With extra spools to run back to back as well. I’m expecting lots of moisture. Maybe a bit overkill is in order. I thought 3x12 was overkill. Geez. I guess it’s 3x24 then.


On a side note, ive never had moisture issues!


I run a 3x36 and change it out every week.

And it’s overdue already


I refresh a 2" x 24" every 75ish lbs recovered, and it’s treated me well.


I just ordered some 13x molecular sieve.


i was literaly thinking of ordering some 13x too and run a second sieve to remove the terps. One run and that gas smells no matter how many people tell me gas dont smell.

I might not run the second sieve all the time but it would be sure nice not to mix shitty terps with the strains that are fire.

Thanks to all so far that answered with sizes. I didnt realize you all use such big sieves.


We use 4x48 spools for sieves


I’m going to order some too, and stop using the 4a. Just use the 3a on the first half and then the 13x after.


That’s even a better idea than running 2x. Sometimes I don’t think. Thanks bro.


I have been using 4a and I don’t think they do a good enough job. I also want to start putting carbon in the bittom of my sieve. It’ll also suck up moisture and any oils passing through, I think. I run a bunch of frozen material and it’s always making its annoying ass moisture into my system.


ive talked about this in the past with live material. there are times i run sooo much in my little system that i feel one pass with the sieve is just not enough.

My solvent tank is small enough that i can lift it constantly. I can run all day and the next time i go to run i can sometimes hear ice inside my solvent tank despite running threw a sieve i thought was “oversized” for my system.

Ive been known to just dump whole tanks of solvent thinking that moisture is still in the gas making subsequent runs darker. This would probably save me money in the long run because if i suspect something fishy with my gas. I dump the tank rather messing up any runs. its just what i do.


I do too. I’ll (sssshhhhh) do a run and instead of recovering it, I’ll just vent it out and turn on the exhaust fan. And because my tank is such a big fat whore. I’ll use an entire tank of nitro, hook it to my liquid line, crank it wide open and blast out the remainder of the solvent that wouldn’t exit through my tube. Which is like 10-15 lbs. And just keep venting until she’s empty. Start pulling vac again until I get her as low as possible on my my micron guage. Got down to 20 once. Redo my sieve, blow everything out my my recovery side and pull vac again. Start from scratch. I always notice moisture building up on my coil in my tank.

I want to make little grenades of carbon. Some large grit, finer grit, and finer. Wrap em up in a big ass coffee filter and stage the, 3a then the (now) 13x after. I bet that’d stop it for a run. Hopefully. I know @Photon_noir has a way of doing his sieves and I believe nboler uses the same packing in his sieves that come with his systems


Nate’s mol sieve housings are my design, yes. That unit can run 80lbs of solvent on dry material 24/7 for about a month. Haven’t used it on a smaller live resin system, but it should work for maybe a week with that, keeping everything -50 to -60°C.


i feel sooo much better…i tell people i dump tanks of solvent and they look at me cross eyed like i created a sin or something. My belief is if it gets used only 1 time…its served its purpose. Yes i would love to recover and have no loses but for me 5-10lbs of gas is $50-100. A good run of fire can turn up a 1/2lb of oil per run. I think the math is a no brainer for me.


I probably shouldn’t… But how else am I supposed to get rid of it? Let it fuck up all my runs? Solvent isn’t that expensive, either. 100lbs for $600. Pretty good seeing how much concentrates I can make off of it. It is bad to waste, but I save a lot more money to make sure my extracts are done right.


If you like guns and have old carbon tanks I have a suggestion for some dessert activities. If you have a class 3 permit and can get tracers it’s even cooler at night. :sunglasses:


Mines the regular size from bvv 3x12 I use 4a sieves,2500 mesh on each end…
the live run I did made it get hot during recovery, the first time I’ve experienced them even feeling warm during recovery.
I have also read they should be used in a vertical position when used in most refrigeration systems, not sure, I’m currently running them horizontally anyone have an opinion on that?


Is 4a what I should be running?

I notice when looking it was more for tane pane mixes…am I right?

If so should we all be running that instead 3a