Modifying a corn dryer for cannabis/hemp

At the moment it is just forced air

What would you do to this thing if you had it and how much per day do you think it can handle? Not at all opposed to multi stage drying tek just seeing if I can use what is available to me to help my guys grow and dry great product.


Cover it, seal it, condense it! Soo many Terps lol
Looks like a neat toy though, curious how u would regulate temp

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Pull a vac on it?

Push hot air thru it?

Fill with debucked bio?

I am just scratching the surface of this thing

We need to dry minimum of 4 acres this upcoming season

The rest of the warehouse is mine to do what I want with- thinking of hang dry tobacco style off of plastic fence material hung from ceiling rafters with fans circulating, then debucking and finishing in this dryer - this is hemp destined for drive/distillate btw not flower

I’m mostly worried about fire hazards when adding a heat source

looks like it’s going to be a dirty disaster

Why do you say that?

Are you hanging flower in there or milling it first?

Honestly I am not experienced in the grow:harvest side of this so I’m asking y’all for advice

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Rig a tumbler in there and dry milled hemp flower. There might be equipment already out there tho

I wonder if older farm equipment impacts heavy metal levels

This isn’t that old lol

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It’s cool for sure. You could always grow in it.


Does it run diesel?

Runs off of a tractor

I’m stumped. Definitely would utilize that warehouse. Great for drying hemp. If you decide to get your growers license I’ve been impressed with the size flowers these spdr leds can produce.

Outdoor hemp

Yeah. Indoor outdoor it doesn’t matter now that it’s smokable. This botanist is growing some nice indoor hemp in SC.


Probably just hang dry it then remove the main stalk and mill it. Then decarb in a decarb or vacuum oven. If it’s greenhouse grown might be worth machine trimming and sell it by the pound as smokable.

did you get the corn dryer modified?

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