Mobius Trimmer for Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Mobius
Description: (2) Mobius trimmers $44,000 each retail, (1) indeed conveyor $5,00 retail, (2) outfield conveyors $7,100 each retail, (2) hot swap kits $6,000 each
Price/MSRP: $ 100,000
Current location of item: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Estimated lead time: 1 Day
Fulfillment: Drop shipped
User support / Warranty: None.

Light use, used one season. Make an offer contact David (310) 498-2941

IMG_1122 2.pdf (288.9 KB)
IMG_2204.pdf (18.0 MB)
IMG_1124.pdf (244.6 KB)
IMG_1123 2.pdf (267.2 KB)

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Total cost was 115k to you and selling for 100k. To try and save you time and money i would suggest having a steeper discount of above 50-75% to actually get this moved.

The used equipment market is flooded. Just my 2cents.


Is this still available?