Mobile extraction

Instead of build extraction facility on my farm…where I have hangars…would be possible to put extraction lab inside of those massive containers? Anyone doing it?

Apex had mobile labs for lease. If it’s something you are interested in shoot me a DM.


I would like to own it all…but on other side…maybe it is not bad idea…can I get some numbers since I never thought about it

Those are CO2 units they lease out. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Is this a THC or CBD grow you are trying to set this up?

I have 700 acress of licenced hemp farm…so thought to put extraction on land

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You’re gonna need a train


No, just a few containers. If a hangar could be converted to a freezer that would cut down the number of containers.

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:joy::joy::joy: Australian out back

Mile high labs claims to have them
Wonder if there numbers are correct but yes

FYI Just confirmed from them today they don’t do that anymore, if you’re referring to Apeks (sp).

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Would 32 or 55 ft long Refrigerated car(s) work? kindcpulled behind tractor/trailer rig.
Comes Insulated. Mobile.

Yes, of course.

I imagine there may be regulatory considerations as far as making GMP claims. Could defer that to a later part of the value chain (extract to crude mobile, send the concentrate to a brick/ mortar GMP facility after, still capture the reduced biomass transport value).

At the Nashville Hemp Expo last year we met an outfit out of Florida that claims to send their truck to your farm, think their name was Marat. Seemed a little ‘virtual’, like they’re going to build a truck as soon as they get a deal. If you were looking to go the hardcore pharmaceutical route with technicians and not muddy overalls there is also Germfree.

As someone else said Mile High Labs has one. That might be a million bucks though, that number pops into my head but don’t take it as gospel.

Check out this awesome mobile lab!

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