MN proposed legalization bill

Looks like my home state of Minnesota is finally legalizing! It’s a pretty unique bill, if it passes in it’s current state then we will be the only state to allow edibles to be sold in bars and resturaunts. There’s a pretty low barrier to entry and no limit on licenses. It allows for municipal, government-run cannabis businesses to be established, which is interesting to say the least. It also prohibits jurisdictions from establishing cannabis ‘dry counties.’ In all likelihood the bill will pass in a few months and the slow process of the government actually implementing the law will begin, although I think the Dems will probably drag it out so they can cover up the feeding our future scandal and sneak in support for pipelines and cops while the media is distracted. I’m really excited for my business to make the pivot from hemp to cannabis.


The highway from Oklahoma to Minnesota


This is amazing :laughing:

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Unique is an understatement! Really excited about this legislation since, as you pointed out, it will be the first state to expressly permit alcohol and THC to be sold at the same premise for on-site consumption.

The bill also amends the alcohol beverage law to expressly permit liquor stores to sell “lower potency edible products.” Very curious to see how cannabis beverage competes with RTDs in the state now that they can be sold at the same premise.


I mso excited, this one needs to go , 8 plants at home up to 5 lbs i nthe home , 2 ozs at the shop and 8 grams of wax

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XD the blackouts at bars in MN are gonna increase tenfold

The bill has been sailing through the legislature and will probably be put into law in the next few months. This idiot’s argument that legalization will cause dog unemployment was a highlight.


Minnesota State
Sen. John Jasinski (R) argues against legalizing marijuana because it
will result in early retirement for drug-sniffing dogs: "The
police dog discussion … that's a big issue."

Heartland Signal (@HeartlandSignal) February
16, 2023