mixing live resin sauce w/ distillate will it work?

yo guys i got 9g of live resin sauce and 30ml of disty. was gonna mix all this up with a lil bit of c8 oil to stabalize the sauce better. thinking of 4ml c8 into it and call it a day.

should these be able to stay well and not fuck up? i will have everything homogenized perfectly with a 30 min run on a hotplate magnetic stirrer.

What is c8?

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A fraction of MCT oil I believe.

Why use c8 at all? @SniggerSnipe


I second what @ExTek90 says.

You don’t need any c8. Mix that shit up and see what you get. Chances are if the input material is good, the carts will be good.

And you’re basically doing 25% terp / 75% distillate mix—not a terrible ratio.


25% sauce but of that 80% of it is thc


No need to mix anything but the sauce and disty,

Have done it before with the ratio @TheGratefulPhil stated, worked great.


I agree with all of the members above.

Ditch the c8.


ok ill try it out. just was worried that the live res was gonna make it too thick for flowing properly but if you guys say itll work i trust it

so no mct oil needed to keep it stable if its good stuff. i source the best stuff from pros like you. both the disty and sauce are top quality. made in labs , from guys that handle farm quantity in legal states so they arent wimpy basement blackmarket guys

so does the live resin make it redundant to add other terp blends or cbd isolate? like honestly idk what exactly it is. does it have cbd and terps already in it ?? ive only had experiance with shatter in high school .

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Post pic of your live resin homie

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unfortunately i wont have it in hand until next week or else i would bro. but my guy has feedback and it all checks out and he goes out his way to mention the quality himself so i think its all god. he says it ranges from crumbly to saucy and diff strains, i told him to give me a saucy indica so we shall see.

You shouldn’t need any additional terps on top of the liquid from the live resin. Also make sure you are using a good cart with big holes.

Ccell with 4x 2.0mm holes should work good


I throw straight hash in carts all the time and it tastes delish, smokes well and i dont feel like a queer smoking distillate.


I swear some things you say are straight gold :joy:


If you’re trying to avoid that you should skip the cart altogether :wink:

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hehehe i like your style. reminds me of me. i was raised smokimg blunts with friends all through high school and bongs here and then. but the convienice and stealth of the vapes are unbeatable. i do miss the feeing of the bud in my hands and seeing the smoke though.

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godddd damnnn… finally just finished these babies and holy shit these smack like a train … took 2 rips and it tasted like i was smoking weed again it was sooo cool and organic tasting. i’m in love and honestly can’t go back to distillate wit terp blends . got me feeling amazing

i mixed up like 4 diff kinds of live resin and 30 ml distillate , turned magnetic stirrer on heat and let it mix for close to 1.5 hours almost. finally when only tiny tiny amounts of bubbles were left i filled them up .

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Seems like a really long time to be mixing dude.

If you can accomplish that quicker, you’ll save even more terps


A homogenizer would definitely cut that time down to a couple minutes I’d assume

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He was decarbing at the same time