Mixing Herbal Extracts into CBD Tincture


I am new to the board and I want to thank everyone for being so helpful. I have been reading a ton of posts and this is one amazing community. I am so happy to be here.

I have a question maybe someone could help me with.

I am making an MCT oil-based tincture with a CBD isolate. I wanted to add in some other herbal extracts piperine and curcumin being them.

what would be the best way to make them mix nicely so there is no clumping and smooth.

I was thinking of using sunflower lecithin liquid and possibly polysorbate 80 as I think one company called Lecitrol from Germany uses this.

Would a product called Nanostabilizer help from Heilscher, they make sonicators

I was also looking into a product called SuspendRX by a company called Specialized RX

I am in the process of getting a homegizer very soon to help as well

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

thank you in advance

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Other people here can help you with your exact question better than me, but fwiw if it were me I would do it the easy way and use all oils. If you started with a full spectrum oil instead of isolate to mix with the mct, then extracted your herbs with some other oil, there would be no settling out or separation issues when you mixed everything together.

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thank you so much for your help

I have a kilo of CBD isolate so I was trying to figure out what to do with this and then maybe switch over in the future like you mentioned. I think it would be easier for sure

anyone else on here have any ideas to throw at me with the cbd distillate and herbal powdered extracts

thank you in advance to anyone that can shine some light on this

so cbd dissolves into nonpolar carrier liquids like mct but other plants may only dissolve into polar liquids like water. worst case scenario is you make 2 types of tinctures, 1 that dissolves nonpolar compounds like cbd, and another that dissolves polar compounds like caffeine. Juicing fresh fruits and veggies is a great way to not destroy the active compounds in many fruits/veggies

you can also get the benifits of pipernine and curcumin by just using them as spices on food you eat

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I’ve flavored my own mct/cbd tinctures with essential oils, usually 3-5 drops per oz. Generally I use orange or some peppermint oil, mixes in very well didn’t have any separation issues at room temp for a few months. Turmeric oil is rich in curcumin and black pepper oil having the pepperine you’re looking for. Only issue I see is covering the taste.

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I see you mentioned specific ones you want to add. I have minimal experience with them.

However I have a good amount of experience with Blue Lotus & can say people have LOVED the blend with CBD. It can be extracted with ethanol, reduced & added to MCT

Also have used Passion Flower to good responses. However it wasn’t really noticeable for me. So I stuck with the Blue Lotus


You probably wont need all that equipment.

All 3 desired compounds can be extracted with etoh and are then lipid soluble.

Or if you really want to use the ground powders, i bet cbd distillate would act as a great binding agent for a turmeric, black pepper pressed pill lol.

Or if you are trying to make a “Golden-Milk” type product, i would use sunflower lecithin, milk powder or coconut milk powder, and your carrier oil of choice.


thank you for all your imput

Hey, Doc!
I’m a private label copacker and have a C1D1 where we are starting to extract Blue lotus. We are applying a Acid-based D-Limonine methodology, much like our Kratom alkaloid extraction ways, any input or advice?