Mix solvents

Hello everyone hope all is well. I’m still new to this and was hoping someone could give me someone info on using blended solvents? I’m currently and always have use butane to do all my extractions.however I’m looking to gather some info on using blended solvents. Like what would be the best mix to start off with? Would it still be able to be used with the same equipment I currently have? And most of all after a pour or two how would I know that the mix is still the same? Any info on this subject would be great thanks. And if there is something up on this already sorry I couldn’t find any…


Using “blend” as a search query works…

Does anyone know if the gases emulsify ? I always wonder if using a siphon would suck the gas out in layers


liquids may form an emulsion if they are immiscible.

a dip tube will get you liquid from the bottom of the tank.

that liquid composition will vary by temperature if you’re running a gas blend. see 70/30 solvent refill - #11 by cyclopath