Mix CBD Kif with THC Oil

Hi everybody

Im from Switzerland and have in California a Cannabis Produktion

I want to mix CBD Kif with THC Oil
Which method is the best to mix this and which machine is needed or What kind of Oil i need for this?

I am grateful for any information and I can also pay for good instructions


King regards

Need more info

What finished product?
What ratio?


Just a random idea would be:

THC Distillate warmed at 38C
Pour in CBD Kief for 5:1 ratio (5 distillate:1 kief)
Blend (Homoginizer or hotplate)
Keep heating and blending until fully disolved xbd kief


Some thoughts…

What not blend in cbd isolate or full spectrum cbd oil? From a product standpoint youd want to be able to homoginize the solution fully and not add any undesirables (the cbd kief will contain trichome shells and undesirables) and cause the solution to have clarity and other issues.


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@FamilyFarms thx for answering :slight_smile:

The final product must be CBD flower pollen mixed with extracted THC oil so that it has a psychoactive effect when smoked…

But it is not easy to mix the oil with the pollen that would otherwise stick together or be too oily

You’re hoping for cbd kief that stays in a powder and gets you high?

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If your only interested in smokeable flower then I would recommend CBD kief mixed with pre-ground T flower.

@moveweight xactly i want to mix the cbd hash with thc oil or something else containing thc so that when you smoke the cbd hash you get high and the whole thing is vegetable based

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@Roguelab maybe you can help me?

Sure what up

Ok parameters of the kief was it blasted or au naturel :grinning:
Cannabinoid content of kief
Cannabinoid thc content you wish for the end product to have ?
It can be done I have dissected kief and everything along and put back what I wanted to keep
Check the tread JWH-210 chronicles
Gives you an idea of sop
Dm me for more info


same for me, looking for the perfect mix i have CBD kief and CBD weed and would like to mix something thc concentrate in it for the high, if anyone has the right recipe come in private, thank you very much

Does your kief stick on it s own
Then any % can be added
If it doesn t you will need to add at least 17% d8/d9 distillate to have it stick

thank you profesor roguelab, do you have signal or whatsapp app to chat in private

Hello everyone,

I’m new here :sweat_smile:. I am looking for a recipe or instructions on how to mix CBD kief with THC oil. Maybe some of you would like to share your experience and knowledge, thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Hi mate a think you can help me with a few things have you wick or number