Mites ,stress which one?

Definitely doesn’t look like broad mites

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take better pics. get a usb microscope. I was leaning to stress but the spots are weird, they do seem like not bugs tho, bugs have legs and antennaes and move and all that. It looks like they are toasted by nutes. I agree with previous posts so do that. its nutes clearly but may have bug issues on top. take care of the feeding the baby before the rest.

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I’m not saying this is a broad mite egg since they have more definition and end up looking like a golf ball but when you see shit reflecting light like this you need to inspect it further

I mean the white circle in the middle of the cropped photo not the stomata

Not saying this is what it is. But it’s harder to see when you don’t know what your looking at.

The fact that the new growth, which is typically highly targeted by pests, is in fact healthy makes me believe it’s not pests. And these photos pretty much confirm it. Take @Tom advice and try to zero them out and balance them.


These are run off

Also what ph is being fed

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Be sure to check for bulb mites

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Looks like your run off ph is drifting low ideally you want 6.0- 6.5 runnoff ph . What is your input ph . Try doing a partially diluted feeding and increase runoff volume and dont push the dry back so hard . Also how often are you calibrating your PH meter . I do mine atleast 1 time per week . Looks like immobile nutrients due to salt buildup / ph issues . Spray them with some plant therapy too just incase they may be some pests . Probably wont even need to do a diluted feeding just increase irrigation frequency and runoff volume so you keep your media clean . Try feeding at 5.9-6.2 ph . I had similar issues this helped me . Also do you have any rootzone pests ? A bad fungas gnat problem or thrips could cause this look too


That’s a good point to check the roots. Root zone pests can lead to pythium, which can display as a nutrient problem.


Ph starting is 6.4 and saw some springtails

Well if the ph is drifting that low from an input ph of 6.4 down to 5.6 runoff that would indicate to me a lockout of some sort . Thats a massive drift typically in veg i feed 1.8 to 2.0 ec with an input ph of 5.7-5.9 . As long as the plants are healthy and there is no lockout this keeps my runoff ph in that 6.0 - 6.5 range and my runoff ec will be around 3.0 . But i use jacks 321 and grow in promix hpcc . My plants like a higher runoff EC . Seems like a dry back issue to me not enough runoff with too long a dry back


Assuming they’re in straight coco on the next water I want you to water 3x whatever pot size they’re in

Example if they’re in 2 gallon pots, water them with 6 gallons each of 6.4ph, 12ml A, 12ml B Veg base, 5ml/g calmag.

This will flush your pots and get the ph back to a normal range 6.0 probably ideal for run off

You don’t have bugs you have a ph problem. Springtails are fine one time I had them in an RDWC system by the hundred thousands and it was a killer run

Also very good idea to calibrate ph meter weekly like someone just mentioned.

edit: for clarity once your ph issue is fixed you should feed 6.0 not 6.4.