Minor cannabinoids

Does anyone know this firm?

This really makes accessing minors rather useless.


Ehhhhh I smell bullshit. No company that has 150 phd chemists in staff has a $500 website. It looks like something I could whip together in afternoon and I’m not even a digital marketer. I could be wrong, but something is weird there.


I could whip it up with bootstrap and a template, and ive only built 2 sites. I agree i call bs


Useless in what sense? In that someone has already synthesized many of the lesser known cannabinoids? Don’t let one group of people put you down. There’s always going to be competition. But that shouldn’t shut you down from accomplishing the same thing. There’s always room for more players, especially in this field. Definitely don’t let a couple sentences on an about page on a $15 website doodie on your business plans. Obviously they’re going to overplay what they’re capable of.

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Their instagram bio is as follows:
Rare Cannabinoids [CBG, CBN, CBC]
:seedling: THC-free
:seedling: Wholesale & white-label
:seedling: Organic & 99% Purity
:seedling: GMP-certified analytical laboratory

which makes me think they probably are only working on the big 3 minors that everyone else is working towards. I would bet the other minors are still in early stages of R&D. So what im trying to say is @anon93688 keep on pushing!

Here is a link from Fashionista about Dr Salzman talking about minors.

Fake it until you make it?


Dr. Salzman has received $102 million in federal grant funding, has authored 175 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and holds 40 patents in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, organic chemistry, and medical devices.

Follow the :moneybag:,this guy’s an Israeli double agent working for the fed.

terminated programs were evaluating three synthetic endocannabinoid compounds, KAL436, KAL439 and KAL671, in bone fracture healing, and osteogenesis imperfecta and osteoporosis. In connection with the termination of these programs, Kalytera has terminated its License Agreement with Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ltd. (“Yissum”), under which Kalytera had licensed rights to KAL436, KAL439 and KAL671.

Does naproxen conjugated cannabidiol sound good? I thought that stuff was bad on the liver


How can we conjugate our own nsaids and whatnots at home? Wonder if they’re going to try to solve the Suboxone crisis with this.

Nope but alkaloids can yust got to get mytragynine out of the equation

I’m Dr. Salzman’s daughter and handle marketing and sales at Chilmark Labs. I came across this thread in a google search and can confirm that we are making all the minors.

Dr. Salzman went to Yale, Harvard Medical School and completed his residency at Columbia and a fellowship at the Weizmann Institute. His background is in intensive care (he ran the ICU at Children’s hospital) and then we started a pharmaceutical company, specializing in treatment for Glaucoma and Cancer. He has raised millions of dollars in NIH government funded research and issued patents. He is Chairman of Salzman Group (which has a more professional website as that seems to be important to you), and Chilmark Labs was a spin out project he led when he was leading a clinical trial on CBD for Kalytera. His father (my grandfather) was Chief of Surgery at the Beth Israel and did pioneering research in thrombosis (he discovered that Ibuprofen thins your blood).

If that is not enough support or evidence that Chilmark Labs is able to manufacture all the minors and scale up, please feel free to order a sample and have it tested yourself.


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