One of my old students is looking to get into hemp. Is there anyone here in Minnesota?


Right across the river in South West Wisconsin. We are in the early stages of building a team. Co2 extraction and eventually HPLC.

Why co2? Just curious, does Wisconsin not allow ethanol extraction?

They do. Went with Co2 because the norm out here is 55 gal drum ethanol “extraction” on a farm. We are small scale and wanted to give more options for those looking to toll/split.

Also, subcritical for terpenes was a huge plus.

Hindsight… I would’ve went with a nice ethanol set-up. Run time and capacity is everything in hemp.


PM sent

Im in the twin cities and part of the Minnesota Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association. Def reach out! We’ve got some big things coming online.

Hello, I saw your post and thought I would reach out. I am working with a group that is putting together a “Hemp 101” seminar in Sioux City, IA. I know it is a few hours away, however if they are looking for a way into the hemp industry this would a great place to start. We plan on having out group of experts talk with farmers on why they should grow this new plant, and how they can make the transition. Let me know if you would like some more info on this event.

You can email me at CBDOilandIsolate@gmail.com