Mining did I blow it?

I’ve taken a couple of shots at this sauce tek and have failed 3 out 4 attempts. The 1st attempt was a success yet also a fluke. I crypt froze early with way too much fluid , didn’t evaporate much solvent before capping , and the cap popped but I’m guessing since the oven held the pressure it’s still managed to crystallize wonderfully lol From my understanding from reading up on all the juicy info on this wonderful forum which I’d like to take a second to thank future and all others who have contributed to the community! I either failed trying to repeat due to

  1. Leaving too much solvent not allowing the cannabinoids to crash out during freeze phase. ( 2nd attempt )
  2. Capped too early resulting in the lids popping leaving no pressure (3rd attempt )
  3. Left too little of solvent after evaporation (4th attempt )

Sooo I know where I failed and the question is this. Is there any way to recrystalize using single source solvent ? Or any sop for crystallized Thc-a using anything other then Acetone?

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just dissolve in more Nbutane and start over. You will need a stainless pressure vessel for this though. A small short column with a guage and high pressure clamps with work well. reason you need a pressure vessel, is cause you will need to add a little heat to get your oil to redissolve. But you need a achieve “super saturation” which can be the trickiest part if you dont have a sight glass. Google Super saturation, and it should give you a better understanding on what your trying to do.

ALSO! impurities will keep your THCa from crystalizing. So if there are lots of waxes or other impurities, it wont crystalize no matter how long you wait.

So in theory I should be able to do this with purged crude as well ? how much heat ? And is the heat applied befor, during or after adding butane

Also I’m using iso/70/30 but as I understand I should get the same results correct ? And as for fats and impurities how would you recommend filtering

yes you can do this with anything thats high in THCa. I always recommend getting the crude to “suagrwax” consistency before starting your actual THCa seperation. Its a good way to tell if your crude is pure enough to crystallize. If it doesnt “sugar” then you usually need to winterize or dewax to remove the impurities that will usually hinder your crystallization process.
…and yes you need to heat the pressure vessel with the desired amount of solvent and cannabis oil. Usually 30-50C will do the job. Make sure your pressure vessel has a guage for safety.

I’m really confused, he needs all this to do the OTSS Tek?

First let me help clear up a few points that’s a lil unclear in directions

First, once you have completely evacuated all your Tane into a jar… This is your starting point…if you have the ml marked then start from there. Fully saturated mix…

Next, you can’t go to cryo stage until a 1/3rd of your fully saturated mix has evap… Leaving you with 2/3 mix

Only go to cryo with 2/3 your starting mix left

Pull the jar out , don’t put band on yet, leave out for 1-2 hrs… This will evap more Tane, don’t disturb when moving…

Once at 1/3rd place band on and leave out for another 1-2hrs, this is just to get us on to the 1/3rd mark,if there move on to next step…

Next you can place on heat to speed process along, or you can leave at room temp,

Regardless follow SOP and you will have success… You had your lid pop probably from not doing one these steps that would let off tons Tane… Remember 2/3 start cryo…1/3 seal…

I use no heat at moment, room temp in my closet

And yes you can take a sugar run that you messed up on, redissolve and start over, just make sure all dissolved and use the same amount you blasted with

Hang in there!!! And if your ever confused just ask someone, everyone here really incredible about going out their way to help one another


Thank you both so much for clearing that up for me

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I guess the next question is I have a liter/500gs of crude how much solvent should I add

Beautiful stuff man hope I get to that level

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Make it easy, probably don’t queit as much as you blasted with to get the initial 500g… I mean I could give you a guess but let’s get a lil more than just a guess…

@Soxhlet, @Otscc

Help our buddy out, how much should he redissolve in for 500g of crude

Btw @Globmarley710, after reading the first few main steps, did that help you figure out where you went wrong… BTW they steps after that continues on the original post, the steps for after capping bc they few those I was unclear about in the beginning too, just if you skip one these steps that’s usually why the lid blows!

YOU GOT IT , hang in there and no question is a stupid question if it saves your run, between no matter what no question is a stupid question. In this field, way too many dangerous parameters

I use to think this was complicated, now it’s just another one my ever so bad ass recipes!!

Try adding 1/3 the volume of crude, like the tek suggests?

Do you think that will give him enough time for all to redissolve back into the solvent?

If you seal the vessel (Dimond miner) you can keep the butaine in there till the point where the seals degrade in 50+ years. … no open container= no evap. How long does a butane lighter keep good?


I’m gonna feel really stupid after this, but why does it evap so fast in the mason jar with lid and band on?

It is because the jar leaks, especially when the lids buckle.


Ok so it’s just slowing it down ok thanks buddy

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so let me get this straight.
Run solvent through material > place collected solvent in mason jar and mark> once 1/3 evaps place in extreme cold> after desired cryo, set out to evaporate more solvent> once 1/3 of the original mixture is attained cap and band it> Set on PS4 > PieMonds ?

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